Kind of new to this, but here goes:

In the first act, the major plot points are when Emily first woo-hooes Kumail, when Emily finds the photos in Kumail’s cigar box, and when Jessie calls Kumail to let him know that Emily is in the ER (which is the break into the second act)

In the second act, the plop points are when Kumail first meets Emily’s parents (and it turns out they don’t like him), when Beth defends Kumail from a heckler (which turns Kumail’s perspective about Beth and Terry upside down), and when it turns out the surgery didn’t go as expected.

In the third act, Kumail has an emotional outburst when talking to his parents (the biggest plot point in the B story), Kumail bursting into tears in front of Bob Dalavan, Emily waking up and rejecting Kumail, and finally, the move of Kumail to New York with Mary and CJ.

Hope this isn’t completely wrong.

Writer from Indonesia. Writing for fun.

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