BBB: Life goes on.

Haikal Satria
2 min readDec 22, 2020


Life is unfair.

It is, plain and simple. Life has little consideration for what you’re going through, or where you are in life, or what you want from it.

Life gives no pause button. It gives no room to breathe. Everyone is so busy with their own worlds that there is little time to worry about anyone else’s.

And so life is often a lonely journey that keeps moving.

This means that when you’re going through your saddest valleys, you’re often traversing them alone. Some may come along for parts of the journey, but at a certain point, they walk down their own paths.

Yet you continue to move forward, even when you want to take a moment to breathe. You press on, even when all you want to do is stop. Nobody is there to take those steps with you — the path you walk, you walk alone.

But as you keep going, you start to realize that the paths aren’t as rough as they used to be. What once was cloudy skies have turned into sunny horizons. You may not have any idea where you’re going, but the way there isn’t as bad as it used to be.

Life never stops. It is relentless. It is unforgiving. It is perpetually in motion.

But life is also full of contradictions. It is at times kind. It is benevolent. It is warm.

Yes, there may be times where we’d like to stop.

But life keeps you going anyway. No feeling is final. No situation is permanent.

Hearts break, yet wounds heal. Rain pours down, but the sun comes back. For every goodbye, there comes another hello.

You’ll be alright. Maybe not now. Maybe not for a while.

But just keep going. You’ll get there soon.